Meet our stud boys, who all happily live together :-)

Old Possum's Lewis - 22/07/2014


Red Mackerel Tabby & White

Sire: IC Uilleam des Fines Terres*CH

Dam: Old Possum's Zinnia

GSD IV Negative 

Lewis is a confident loving boy and used to live with Blue.  Lewis used to copy everything blue did, but now  Lewis has a new friend who copies everything he does! ;-)


Loki De Ramatuelle

Born 21/05/15


 Black Tabby &

Sire: Gary v. Trollberg

Dam: Ian Fleming's Kissy Suzuki

GSD IV Negative 

A big thank you Cecile for letting Loki come to us :-) Loki was the baby of our boys, he lives with  Lewis who took to him straight away, Loki seems to love Lewis and copies everything Lewis does. We have now introduced Loki's son Rebbel to the boys and again they have accepted him the 3 boys get on so well, fingers crossed it stays that way!


Kajulaz Rebbel



 Black Tabby & White

 Sire: CH Loki de Ramatuells

Dam: Afjord's Voice of Sharron (aka Shona)

GSD IV Negative

Rebb is now with his dad Loki and Lewis.  Lewis tried at first to intimidate Rebb, but  Rebb is so confident even at 7 months old he wasnt going to be dominated by Lewis.  It took Lew a little time but finally they are all one happy family living together :-)