Cats available for Re-homing

We have decided to cut down on our breeding cats.  Lewis and Rebbel are being neutered on 04/09/18 and after a few weeks will be ready to be re-homed. These boys live together and cry for each other when seperated for matings, therefore we would ideally love these two boys to go to a loving home together.


 Lewis - 22/07/2014


Red Mackerel Tabby & White

Lewis is a confident loving boy and has lived with Rebbel for the past 18 months. When they have been seperated for matings, after mating they sit and cry at each other and are so happy when reunited :)

 Rebbel - 08/11/2016


Black Tabby & White

Rebbel has lived with Lewis since going outside, and when they are seperated they cry to each other from the other side of the garden, Rebb and Lewis are so happy when reunited  :)  Rebbel is not as confident as Lewis but once he has been spayed that will usually does! :)

When we started breeding we decided that we would always keep our cats, but as time has gone on we are now in a position where we have more neuter cats than entire/breeding cats, so made the hard decision to re-home some of our beautiful loving cats to have a happy retirement in a loving pet home.

Most of our cats are Champions and have rosettes and show certificates, are spayed, neutered, vaccinated and micro chipped.

Unfortunately our cats are not used to dogs or small children.

If you can offer any of our beautiful cats a loving home, please get in touch :-)